A bit of Ferrari fun before the market opens!

What an experience!

I had the absolute pleasure of tearing around Silverstone race circuit in a Ferrari F430 yesterday, and what a pleasure it was! The whole experience was fantastic!

The combination of an awesome car and a race instructor who actually wants to make you faster means you seriously get to push it… power slides, massive acceleration, hard braking, clipping the apex, flat out down the straights… I had a massive grin for the rest of the day! Really enjoyed it and will definitely being doing this again!


This was seriously fun, but seriously… how amazing has the market been lately?! Massive parabolic moves, loads of volume with some awesome multi day continuation moves and some phenomenal opportunities! Makes up for the relatively lack lustre couple of months prior.

This being my first ever blog post, and finding my feet with how this all works I won’t go into it now, but I will certainly look to post some thoughts and recaps of trades as we go along. I’ll share with you the types of things I look for, and you’ll get to see what works best for me, and if that helps you then great! Trading is all about the plan, mastering your discipline and emotions and finding what works best for YOU! Blindly following another trader will almost certainly lead to frustration and potential losses, so please by all means soak up any and all worthwhile trading/market information (you’ll get to know what’s good and what to ignore) and use it to better your overall understanding, and eventually you’ll start to find your fit! It will take time, but let it. Trading can often seem quite complicated and erratic, which is why I think it’s best to simplify the process, stick to one or two key setups and only take those trades. Having the mental strength to not trade is often the turning point, so being the trader who looks for all the reasons to not trade will mean that you’ll only be left with the trades worth taking. Sounds simply eh? Well, trading isn’t over complicated, but it certainly isn’t easy! However, you can make it easier for yourself by sticking to the plan and working on you.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week. Trade safe and respect the plan. Think of trading as you would a Ferrari, exciting and rewarding, but abuse it and it’ll spit you off the track and into the gravel.

Cheers all,





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