Get a dog!

Hands down, best advice I could give… get a dog!

For those of you who follow my Instagram feed, it comes as no surprise that this here is my wing man. Let me introduce you to Che, he is without doubt the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!

Now obviously you should only get a dog if you can properly look after one, but if you can you really should. No matter what’s been going on… stressful day, heavy night out, or just feeling a bit crap… Che is the answer. He keeps you moving no matter what and has the incredible and enviable ability of always being happy. He’s always pleased to see you, doesn’t have any sides to him, he’s just plain excellent!

Now, like most Border Collies he wants to be moving forward. We walk twice a day everyday, and he does it with energy and enthusiasm and this is something that rubs off on you. We all know life can throw some curve balls, and it ain’t always easy but if you can embrace just one of Che’s traits I promise it will help. Here are a few of them, with a human perspective to go with it:

  • Keep moving forward – if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you’ll get there.
  • Live in the now – you can’t change the past, and the future is yet to happen so focus on and enjoy the now.
  • Let it go – once it’s been dealt with move on.
  • Keep it simple – overcomplicating things often leads to frustration. Work out what needs to be done, and do that.
  • Persist – if you really want something keep going.

I appreciate that our lives are of course so much more complicated than his, but you get the point. Whether it’s work or just life in general, this is good shit! I can honestly say he brings so much to the family… he really does. Everyone should have a Che! I’m afraid I can’t spare him so you’ll just have to make do with the pics I post, he usually gets me the most likes 😉





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