BMW i8 Roadster!

My predicament has always been that I love motor sport and high performance cars and bikes, but I also have a social and environmental conscience, not to mention the fact that a largeΒ part of my professional world is running a sustainability consultancy focusing on carbon and energy management. This means that my car choices tend to focus as much if not more on the efficiency box than outright performance, although I seem to have managed on multiple occasions to pick something with enough performance to at least raise a grin or two…

More and more manufacturers are really taking this drive for cleaner/greener cars to new levels, which means the days of driving something ugly and/or boring but environmentally responsible are gone. Petrol motors are significantly improving in terms of efficiency and CO2 emissions, and being the cleaner fuel means it’s often the better choice when compared with the diesel variant. Hybrid technology is also developing rapidly, and is in many cases now a far more accessible option than ever before.

So, taking my desire for a high performance car, and coupling it with my responsibilities means that I have no other option than to get the new BMW i8 Roadster! πŸ˜‰ I have no choice…

Just take a look at it… it’s stunning. It has a sense of occasion even when standing still, and enough performance to turn the odd grin into a very wide smile indeed. And, most importantly it ticks all my boxes…

BMW excerpt:

It’s time to rethink plug-in hybrids. Boasting the latest eDrive technology and intelligent energy management, the new BMW i8 Roadster now delivers more power and increased electric range. Add to this a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds, and the unique LifeDrive architecture for sublime weight distribution, and you have a new icon of driving pleasure.

The intelligent energy management of the BMW i8 Roadster coordinates the interaction between the electric motor and the updated lithium-ion battery with the combustion engine. It’s always geared towards maximum performance with minimum consumption. This creates enormous efficiency, with CO2 emissions of up to only 46g/km*.

Let me just reiterate the line: Maximum performance with Minimum consumption.

Now, I’m not totally sold on the colour options currently available for the roadster, but this is easily solved asΒ I’ll be looking to get it wrapped anyway, so if you have any colour combos that you think would best suit an i8 then let me know?

BMW have been very good at keeping me informed, but as yet nothing has been confirmed regarding ordering options and lead-times, etc… but it’s been hinted that production starts in March.

For the life of me I can’t think of anything else that sits in this category that delivers everything that I personally need/want from a high end sports car. Only a crazy budget and friends on the inside would get me anything better.

The new i8 Roadster has that special feeling to it, in my opinion. Those lightweight carbon-fibre dihedral doors are awesome, the stunning shaping and cutouts for airflow are a thing of beauty, and its overall low stance and profile just make it a major head turner, in a way that the exotics of the supercar world would but on a much more attainable budget… it’s expensive, but not ridiculous. It’s 911 turbo money as apposed to McLaren 720s or Ferrari 488.Β And asΒ a hybrid you also get the road tax and parking benefits too… in fact it would be stupid for me NOT to get one! Wouldn’t it?! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Let me know what you’d go for? I’d love to hear your comments.

Have a great week guys, laters πŸ™‚




  • I say if you’re young and can afford the car, the insurance payment, the maintenance, and the gas, go for it. I’ve been through the Mustang, Camara, Trans Am, Corvette, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghinis. My best car out of all of those was a 2007 Rousch Racing Mustang GT. It was awesome in terms of horsepower, street driveability, and fun. Although I’m now retired, I could still afford any of those cars. So what am I driving? A 2017 Toyota Corolla and a 2017 Honda Civic. Why? Gas mileage. I’m completely a gas mileage guy in my retirement.

  • i8 looks good in any color! I would love a seaside blue. Saw sone of these at Barrett Jackson. Fun show to attend if you haven’t ever been.

  • I am always fascinated by who visits my blog and I realize we have some blogging friends in common. I didn’t drive until I moved back to America but my second car was a special Bullitt edition Mustang, a few years old but a careful lady driver. Men of all ages lusted over my wheels and a woman once commented, “you certainly know how to drive her…” as I revved out of the car park. Sadly, a truck rear-ended my beloved Mustang. I suggest you get whatever car you want because even electric cars are fueled by coal, gas or nuclear fired power stations. Just don’t drive it too often… πŸ˜€

    • Oh I’d love a Mustang. When I was growing up in Canada as a kid that was my dream car! πŸ™‚

  • BMW i8 is just fantastic sports car and with latest eDrive technology. It looks great in every color but my favorite is the blue one.

    • Not yet… actually still undecided! It’s definitely a major contender though πŸ‘

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