Is it Spring yet?!

As beautiful as some of these winter mornings are, I’m done with it now… bring on Spring!

The featured image on this post is the lovely view from the front of our house, it’s very picturesque and we often feel extremely fortunate to have this to look at… but lately it’s been dark, cold, windy, raining andΒ  just a bit miserable. I’ve been finding myself drifting away in thought about past and future holidays in the sun, so I think we might be ready to bash again! We have a few trips booked across the year for various things, at home and abroad, but as yet no proper summer holiday. Last year Sarah and I got away by ourselves for a great week in Lake Garda, Italy. Stunning suite, amazing weather and such a treat to go off and totally relax. Utter bliss πŸ™‚



I’m looking for some ideas, where shall we go? We’re off to Venice again for a long weekend this summer so that ticks off the city break in style, I guess that means a hot week on a beach somewhere… Where have you been that’s an absolute must go destination?



Ridiculously it’s our 20th wedding anniversary next year so that’s going to be a far flung week or so of pure paradise, Maldives or Seychelles probably, so something not so far away would be good for this year. Spain and Greece have always been good to us for beach/sun breaks, just wondering if we should try something new and different?

Let me know where you’ve been and what you’d recommend? I’d love to hear about your holiday experiences… I’m looking for inspiration!

Rest assured, what every happens and wherever we go I’ll be updating the gram πŸ˜‰ Which filter is best for shedding half a stone? Neeeed to get into shape!

Happy Friday all and have a great weekend πŸ™‚





  • Hi! We spent 7 days in Tenerife at Christmas, Fanabe in Tenerife to be precise, it was gorgeous and much needed. Given that we live in the far north (Norway), a whole week with sun and sea was ideal. We had our summer holiday in Crete last year. This Greece island is just beautiful. Have also been to Majorca, Cyprus and Gran Canaria, typical sun holidays. Personally I like Tenerife and Crete best.

    • Hey thanks! Yes Crete is certainly on my list, looks lovely.

      • By the way, my husband is a trader of stocks as well, he started working for himself since 1999/2000. His desk resembles yours a lot, but yours is much tidier 😊

      • Gotta keep it tidy, especially if the cameras are about 😜

  • Well you already have Venice booked and that would be on my list. Majorca is nice for sun but i have not been there for many years. The Yucatan (Mexico) is nice but try to find somewhere a bit off the main tourist track. What about Africa? We did a marvelous trip in Kenya but the political situation there is not so good now. South Africa? Botswana? Australia? We spent a week camping at Cape Tribulation. That was amazing. I will be interested to know what you choose!

    • Thanks Anne. Yes, all of these ideas are good and going into the melting pot. Venice is great, you’ve got to go! I’ll certainly keep you posted πŸ‘

      • I actually have been to Venice a few times and I keep thinking “we must go back there”. Anyway have fun choosing!

  • South Africa has fantastic scenery, lots of wildlife and some excellent hotels. For those who like to live dangerously there are the added attractions of rampant crime, corrupt police, insane traffic, and endemic inefficiency.

  • Stunning photos!

    Ha ha! Great minds think alike, I just published my winter lament. I suppose there are a lot more of us who feel the same.

    As for a great place to visit, I recommend Costa Rica, one of my favourite countries we’ve been to.

    Warm wishes!

    • Thanks Carmen! Yeah it’s that time for sure πŸ™‚ will check it out πŸ‘

  • My husband’s been to Aspen Colorado and Islamorada in the Florida Keys on business. He thought both were really nice. He’s also been to Switzerland, and said the snowcapped mountain views are beautiful. It was warm weather when he went, but the mountains were still covered with snow.
    Congratulations on your upcoming 20th wedding Anniversary. ( :

    • Thanks very much :))) yeah Switzerland looks great πŸ‘Œ

  • Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it! I live in Southwest Florida which is always great even if it’s not very exotic. Check out Sanibel and Captiva Island. I grew up in California and lived there most of my life – favorite places are Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara and Monterey Bay including Capitola, Santa Cruz and Aptos, CA. I love Switzerland and Greece having visited once each, and Hilo, Hawaii holds a special place in my heart – honeymooned there =) Happy travels!

    • Thanks Laura. I’ve been to a few of these places, I loved Laguna Beach! I’d love to visit Hawaii too πŸ™‚ thanks for your comment πŸ‘

  • Wow, congratulations on 22 years! If you haven’t been there before, I’d definitely recommend Mauritius. Super beautiful island and really friendly people πŸ™‚

  • Well, well, well…look what I’ve discovered! Nice blog! First you had me with pictures of your dog. (Never trust a person who doesn’t love animals.) And wait…what? This young man can sit a horse, and from the looks of things, has a pretty nice seat? And he’s been married for 20 years? And he’s an entrepreneur? Goodness! You might be my animal spirit from a far away land! (I’m not sure where you are, but judging from your use of the term “stone,” I’m pretty sure it’s not the US!) I’ll be checking back regularly to follow your adventures! ~ Lynn

  • Going with something slightly different to the beachy locations, but The Ardenne is a very beautiful region. There’s lots to do there and the setting is quite romantic, so it might be good for the anniversary break πŸ™‚

  • Portugal can compete very well with Spain if it’s beach life you want. If you also like a bit of character you could try Vila Nova da Milfontes or Odeceixe on the West Coast, and I never yet heard anyone complain about the Algarve beaches. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • I had an absolute blast in Ljubljana. Visited for just a weekend last year December and had no idea what to expect but could have easily spent more time there and would absolutely go back, if I had the chance.

  • I had better luck with the follow button second time. Such a lovely view you have. Last December I took the Viking Tour up th Rhine. It was fabulous but of course it was cold! Flew into London on to Bern then boarded the tour boat and back up and end again in Switzerland and flew back to
    The states from there , a 12 hour flight. I would suggest one take this tour in the Soring. Lovely blog you have!

  • I think we all have had more or less the same kind of weather… here (France) it’s been awfully cold, it snowed, which is exceptional for us in Paris, and now it seems spring time… cold weather ahead though… strange times are we living…

    • Paris is lovely, I’ve been many times and always love it!

  • Istanbul is soooo romantic! Also a regular train journey from Vienna to Budapest. Key West has amazing sunsets. Peru is fantastico – people kiss everywhere and it is the gourmet capital of Latin America. Have fun!

    • So many places to go, maybe I’ll try and do them all?! 😊😊

  • Yeah I CAN’T wait for winter to be over finally. It’s freezing here and snowing everyday. Doesn’t seem to be the case whereever you are though haha. Love the photos, you’re very cute and have nice tattoos btw πŸ™‚

    • Haha thanks πŸ™‚ … the snow is back now! Just when I thought it was over it’s back! Thanks for your comment πŸ‘

      • Of course. Couldn’t resist some light casual flirting though XD Gonna be warmer on the weekend where I live. Can’t wait!

  • Hiya, thanks for dropping by my blog πŸ™‚ Your summer plans sound quite sound though I am yet to experience Venice in summer. For me, an absolute must-go (though is there anything like that unless you want to make it one?) is Pulpit Rock, Norway. And 20th anniversary, boy that is a grand number! It surely calls for a Maldives. Cheers.

    • Hey thanks so much! I’ve never been to Norway so that needs to be on my list πŸ™‚ yeah Maldives next year is going to be awesome πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  • Lovely picture and hope you have a great vacation , we are eagerly awaiting spring here in Raleigh too !

  • Well I haven’t been anywhere in a while. In 2004 my husband and I went to Florence for our 10-year wedding anniversary. But then in two years after that we got divorced so I’m not sure that you should go there! Haha just kidding Florence is always a great place and we have a very amicable divorce πŸ˜€

  • Ive always wanted to a) see the Pacific, which I am so glad I got to do with my partner before he passed and b) go to Iceland or somewhere with a Volcano! I do enjoy going to less well known places – Pula in Croatia (Was Yugoslavia when I went!!) was very sunny and beautiful!

    • I’d love to try Croatia! We’ve got a long weekend in Romania coming up soon so that’ll be a new experience πŸ‘Œ thanks for your comment :))

      • I work with a colleague from Romania- he is always telling me how beautiful it is- I am sure you will enjoy it!

      • Really looking forward to it πŸ‘Œ

  • I just love Lago di Garda. Spectacular mountains drop right down to the lake. Some place farther away would be a flight to Arizona and then travel to Sedona about one hour from Phoenix. You can get a shuttle to take you there. The Best Western Inn of Sedona serves a daily full breakfast and a free shuttle around. From there you could take a trip to the Grand Canyon. But in Europe, the Costa del Sol in southern Spain is also sunny and warm. I used to escape the winters in Germany when I studied in Heidelberg and taught there as a Fulbright teacher. Southern France and southern Spain always healed me from my colds and made me just feel better with the warmth and beauty. Don’t get me wrong: I love Germany but sometimes a change was necessary. Wherever you travel, I wish for you warm sun to free you from stress.

    • Hey thanks! Yes, Lake Garda was so lovely! I’ve actually visited the Grand Canyon, and southern France and Spain too! All have been great places to go. Haven’t been to Germany since I was a kid so perhaps there… thanks very much for reading and commenting :)))

      • I recommend Mesa Verdi in Colorado, World Heritage Site, quite like no other. We spent many entire family vacations exploring all the places to see there.

  • ….Also looking for a filter to shed some curves.
    Consider Sunshiny South Africa… Cape Town, Camps Bay for the ideal beach vacation… or maybe an African Safari.

    • πŸ˜†, yeah instagram should work on one! We’ve never been to SA so will definitely put that in the mix πŸ‘

  • Dear Al — It is kind of a stretch and you have to have some predisposition to roughing it in pristine scenery but if your primal instincts are active you might consider going to Windsor, Canada and taking Queens Highway B North across the mountains, up alongside the shore of Lake Superior to a place called “Blue Bird Falls” near the village of Wawa. The trip from Windsor to the town of Wawa is about 7 hours if you don’t stop along the way but if you go in Summer I definitely suggest some shoreline camping near Lake Superior. Nights so black the stars touch the ground. Air so fresh you feel as though you were carrying an oxygen tank. Peace. Beauty. Tranquility. Take some insect repellent for the black flies which are ferocious and take some adequate provisioning because most of this journey takes you to sparsely inhabited territory. But I did it twice and loved it!

  • Correction: It is not “Blue Bird Falls” — It is “Magpie Falls.” —

  • Not to become the official spokesperson for Australia or anything (I think one of the Hemsworth boys took that title already–and Australia said they don’t want me) but if you’re looking for summer in the winter, and endless miles of pristine, virtually untouched coastline, you should definitely visit Australia. Only downside is it’s on the other side of the world and, having recently made the trip to the UK can attest that it takes 24 hours and 4-5 sleeping pills to make the journey. Still worth it for the beaches. If this sounds at all appealing, I suggest a road trip from Queensland (Great Barrier Reef islands) down the east coast as far as time will take you.

    • I would love to visit Australia! It’s definitely on my list πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒοΈ. Thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚

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