Throwback to 1997!

Here’s a little throwback for ya! 😁

So, 21 years ago I found myself heading to my very first film shoot. I couldn’t believe what was happening as our little boat idled into a secluded bay in Turkey, where at least 50 crew members were busy setting up on the beach for a major scene with Isabella Rossellini… and me 😳.

Three and a half months, Turkey, Malta and Shepparton Studios and a young twenty year old wondering how the hell he managed to pull this off!

Well I somehow nabbed the role of Telemachus in the Francis Ford Coppola’s NBC mini series The Odyssey. After a shed load of auditions and meetings, I was suddenly on my way to Turkey to start filming. It wasn’t until I was on the plane that I finally got hold of the whole script and soon realised just how big the part was!

It’s nice to look back and reminisce sometimes, can’t believe how young I was! Think I should grow my hair again? 😏

Anyway, have a nice Easter guys.



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