Livin it up in the city ✌️πŸ₯‚

Still slightly hanging from a big night out in London on Thursday… but worth it 😏.

So we hit the town for a black tie dinner at Mansion House with the Lord Mayor of London (get us eh!), and followed it up with some drinks in The Ned. I scrubbed up and donned my tux, whilst my wife looked absolutely STUNNING in her gown… and I mean proper gorgeous! It was really nice to let our hair down and hang out with some good friends.

We stayed at the Threadneedles Hotel which is fast becoming one of our favourite places to stay in the city as it’s just so nice. Great rooms, classy bar and an excellent Marco Pierre White restaurant. I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a 5* luxury boutique hotel right in the city then definitely giveΒ Threadneedles a try.



It wasn’t all partying as I did have some important networking to do that night and a meeting to attend in Canary Wharf the next day, but as I’ve touched on before – get the work/life balance right and work doesn’t always feel like work… you can enjoy it too!

If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen the story, although don’t tell anyone as you’re not really allowed to film inside Mansion House! I even managed to throw in a bathroom selfie for good measure ;). The Ned was really cool too, great vibe and absolutely worth a visit if you’re in London.

So all in all it was a great couple of days, fantastic night out with friends, did a little business and most importantly got to live it up a bit in the city with my beautiful wife! Feeling lucky? Indeed I am :))) I wish I could share a pic but she won’t let me… perhaps I’ll sneak one next time πŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend guys, and let me know where else is good to go in the city?




  • Sounds like fun. London is such a wonderful city. Our son lives there and we visit a couple of times a year. He always has interesting places to take us to eat in various parts of London; some big, some small, some fancy and some funky but all have been great food and ambiance.

    • Hey Anne, yeah it’s got so much. I love the place. 😊

  • Awesome post of the day – thats your award! πŸ™‚ and I have also a fav hotel there – the Stafford (gosh, great wine there too, lol).

    • Hey not sure why this took so long to show up?! Thanks for my award 😜, and I’ll have to try the Stafford πŸ‘Œ

  • Well of course I’m loving your words about your wife – your love for her shines brightly through this post 🌞 Great you had such a fun time! Found you on Twitter just now too.

    • Hey thanks Christy ☺️✌️

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