What is the number one attribute for success?

Why is it that some people manage to achieve so much more than the majority? Is it down to luck, is it having a better support network, or is it just plain natural talent? How does someone achieve the levels of success that others just can’t?

Luck, support and talent are all great… but what creates the dedication, determination and drive to take things to a whole other level… DESIRE.

Having bucket loads of talent, total unwavering support and a useful pinch of luck on your side doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful, desire does. Now, you could look at that as demotivating as theses amazing attributes clearly aren’t enough to rely on. Or perhaps consider that some of the most successful people out there aren’t the most talented, most supported or even luckiest people in their game, or even the best or most skilled… but they definitely have an immovable desire to push through to achieve the highest levels of success possible. If you struggle in a certain aspect of your business, desire will ensure you go out and find the best person to help you with that so you can achieve more, desire means you’ll find a way! Talent doesn’t do that. If you need to put in some 18hr days to finish a certain project, desire will keep you going, talent won’t.

Being a talented sales person may mean that you possess all the necessary skills to convince someone that your product or service is the best possible option in a crowded market place, however if you don’t have the resilience, drive and desire to keep selling, to keep going, well… eventually you’re going to be outsold by your more dedicated competitors! Talent isn’t enough. Desire makes you resourceful, even when you’re lacking resources. Ever wonder how someone finds success against all odds? Desire, desire and more desire!!! You get the picture.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram then you may have spotted that I’m developing my new business, which will be an online stock market training program. Having gone through all of the pain, trials and tribulations of becoming a successful day trader I feel very well placed to help others to master the skills and discipline required to “make it” in this field… so watch this space as I’m very excited to be launching it soon. Fortunately, I had the desire to keep going, to keep at it even when I felt like throwing in the towel, so I know how much this would have helped me when I was going through it all.

Grabbing a piece of the action!

My first course is going to be an in depth training program for anyone who wants to develop a solid understanding of how the world of day trading works, and how to master the skills necessary to consistently take profits from the market. It’s for people who have either no knowledge, or very little of how to day trade, but also ideal for all of the traders out there who are struggling to find enough consistency to make real progress. The vast majority of people who try their hand at trading fail to make money… and often the reasons for this are much easier to overcome than you’d think. Trading isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. You have to master the skills before risking your money, and far too many people try to go it alone and learn the hard way. I know this, because that was me! I want to help people to learn how to trade the right way! Develop their understanding, help them overcome their fears and frustrations and enable them to speed up the learning curve. It’s hard to know the best way forward when you’re trying to work it out as you go.

I really have made all of the mistakes possible, made bad trade after bad trade and suffered all of the horrible frustration you get when you can’t quite see where you’re going wrong! I’ve had my heart in my mouth as soon as I’ve entered a trade, I’ve regretted my entry the second I took it and I’ve even had the paranoia of thinking the market makers are against me personally, watching my every move and deliberately shaking me out of any trade I took. I even once said out loud to myself “I know, as every single trade I take goes the opposite way to how I think it’ll go, I’ll just do the opposite and see if that works!” So of course that didn’t work, and I still made loses! LOL. Trading can be hard, lonely and painful… so my goal is to hold your hand through it, show you that you can do it and you’re not on your own. If you have the desire, then the rest can be learnt.

So anyway, thanks for stopping by, please do let me know if you have any questions on trading, or entrepreneurship and I’ll always do my best to come back to you asap. I’ll be sure to let you all know when the course is live, and please keep an eye out for my Instagram stories as I’m always posting tips on there.

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